What you need to know about Silicone Sex Dolls and Masturbators

What you need to know about Silicone Sex Dolls and Masturbators

Silicone Sex Doll vs Masturbator — this comparison may be living rent-free in your head. Yet, the difference between a sex doll and a masturbator is quite striking. But when it comes down to a matter of preference, which one is the best option? While some folks might go for the sex doll as it normally resembles a full-size woman, you can also make the case for the handiness of a masturbator. Talk about getting quick sweet pleasure more than anything else.  Although there are many more ways to get the steam off, these are the two we’ll be discussing in this piece. The silicone sex dolls are peculiar for their closeness to a real companion while the masturbators are equally as satisfying and easy to pull out.

Let’s take a look at these two items from different perspectives like space, ease of use, level of pleasure, and many more. Well, you’ll see as we move along.

Now sex dolls come in different forms. We have full sex dolls and torso sex dolls when you’re considering sizes. These two offer slightly different functions in the event of getting off.

Many people have an idea of what a silicone sex doll or masturbator looks like. However, just having an idea is not enough to get to know what they look like exactly. So let’s get to it, and let’s start with masturbators.


Masturbators are handy and pretty useful for getting off quickly. It has an internal structure that looks like a canal and penis owners only have to insert their penises. Masturbators are highly stimulating and depending on the type you’re getting and the settings you have applied, getting off with a masturbator can be more intense than actual sex. It copies the way you would have jerked off with your hand and again depending on exactly what you’re getting, it can have varying vibration patterns. Obviously and since this device can only take the penis itself the balls miss out on any sort of stimulation by using this device alone


  • Takes up less space
  • Budget-friendly.
  • There are various types.


  • It’s unrealistic

Silicone Sex dolls

Meanwhile, you already know that sex dolls can be torso sex dolls or full sex dolls. As the word torso implies, the torso sex doll consists of majorly of the neck, breasts, and pussy. It also usually has the base of the hand and legs. Thus the torso only takes up less space and looks less like a real pussy owner because it’s not complete. In fact, some people find us white scary.

However, the feeling is just the same as a shagging full sex doll. Let’s not also forget the fact that we are talking about silicone sex dolls. The silicone material used to manufacture the sex dolls improves the experience you’ll be having with it. You can find a wide range of silicone sex dolls on our site, including European Silicone Sex Dolls , Asian Silicone Sex Dolls , and Sex Dolls Heads .


  • Has got detailed structures of openings
  • Might be a companion for some.
  • Can mimic sex positions


  • It is expensive

Sex dolls can be modeled to improve the user’s experience. Did you know that a sex doll can be modeled into an actual person? So how about having your sex doll modeled based on your favorite porn actress. Great, right? Of course, there are dolls like that. However, we are not exactly sure if you can model the sex dolls on actual people in your life. Would it sit well with them? Are there regulations that prevent you from getting that done? You’ll have to find out by yourself.

Besides feeling like a real pussy should, silicone sex dolls also look realistic. This is why it can be very exciting for most penis owners to get off using it.

What is it like to get off with a live sex doll?

Getting off with a masturbator as we’ve discussed earlier does not include your balls. The masturbator stimulates the shaft of the penis as well as the sensitive head. And you can also adjust the intensity of the device. However, there are so many brands and types of masturbators so that

experience is dependent on what you have gotten for yourself.

Meanwhile, the sex life doll while also stimulating your cock might be slightly different. There is the excitement of getting your penis in a  full body or something like it. However, it can be slightly clumsy. Some sex doll users have talked about how it can be time-consuming to clean up. And because it’s quite exciting they get to come sooner than they would have loved to.


Eventually, whether you would be getting a masturbator or silicone sex dolls comes down to preference. If you don’t fancy cleaning up your doll for more than you spend fucking it, then a masturbator might suit you best.  More so the masturbator would be better if you’d prefer not to exercise some patience before getting off.

The masturbator is handy and easy to use. You also do not have the problem of space when using a masturbator. For people who won’t be comfortable having people know that they have a sex doll, they’ll need a reasonable amount of space to keep it a secret. You might find the sex dolls too much trouble or a fantasy come true. We’ve given you all you need to know about these two and we hope you can make a decision that’s best for you.