How to Custom Your Dream Sex Doll from BBdoll

Do you want to choose your own option and build your doll from the ground up? Luckily has got you covered! Every human has certain fantasies when it comes to woman of his dreams. Some like big breasts, others like small ones. Some like white skin; others are happy with ebony. Certainly, buying a sex doll is something that needs precise considerations. In this post, we provide you with a guide to get the custom silicone sex doll  of your dreams.


Make sure you choose the right height for your silicone sex doll. It will show how tall she is, how much she weighs, and what kind of body she has. First, you should look at the body’s height and weight to figure out its size. According to a general rule of thumb, if the doll is taller, it is heavier. They also tend to be more expensive if taller than other dolls. Manufacturers already know which heads and bodies look best in their photos most of the time.

Sex dolls are usually heavier than most people think they are. For example, a 150 cm (4’11’) doll weighs about 30-32 kg (66-70 pounds) and a 168 cm (5’5′′) doll weighs about 40 kg (88-120 pounds). If it doesn’t sound bad, sex dolls are all dead weight, and they’re much harder to lift than a real person. Sex dolls also have a weird weight distribution, making it hard to play with them. Dolls that are too big can hurt your back because they’re so heavy. As long as your doll is taller than 130 cm (4’3″) or 140 cm (4’7″), you should still be able to have sex and have a friend with them. offers five different heights, including 145 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 165 cm, and 168 cm. You can click here to go to the article on height in more detail.

custom sex doll height

Skin and Eye color

This isn’t very complicated and doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Most dolls let you change their eye and skin colour. Choose the colour that you like best. Keep in mind that professional lighting can change the colour of your skin in a picture, making it look different than it really is.

customer sex doll color

Head and Face

It’s possible to choose from more than 30 different types of heads/faces. Most of the time, they fall into two groups. One is the Asian head, and the other is the European/US head. They are both in charge of the same thing. Of course, most people like European or American-looking heads, but not many like Asian or Japanese-looking heads. You can also choose the type and color of hair you want in the doll. You don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of “wig slid” when you and your doll are having fun together.

Feet Type

You can have normal feet or stand up and have normal feet. Normally, your feet can’t stand. Standing Feet, on the other hand, can stand up. Because the Standing Feet can stand. People who have dolls with normal feet should not let them stand. Because it has metal bolts that can hold the weight of the doll. The metal plate inside the doll’s feet is shown here simply. The weight of a doll will crush TPE material under the metal plate and damage the feet. They also have bolts (which can be seen from the bottom) that are strong enough to hold the doll’s weight without hurting her feet. They take the weight, so the TPE material under the feet isn’t hurt by it at all!

Type of vagina

It’s possible to have two types of vaginas in silicone sex dolls: one that can be removed and one built into your body (Fixed).

  • Removable Vaginas- These can be put in and taken out of the doll’s vaginal cavity because it is easy to take out and clean after each use and can be replaced if it breaks.
  • Built-in-The vaginas are built into the doll, which means they can’t be taken off and can’t be replaced. They look more real because they’re built-in, but it comes at a price. In order to clean a Built-in Vagina, you must remove it from the doll. The most common way to clean is to douse and rinse the vagina with water over a pot or bucket or in a tub. Then, you should thoroughly dry it. Using male or female condoms to have sex with your doll can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Sex Doll Pubic Hair Choice

Many dolls come with different styles of pubic hair. This is not a very common choice. There are many people who say they want “No Pubic Hair.” You usually have to pay for it to add hair from the outside. Then, the pubic hair is put in the skin area where you want it.

In contrast to a wig, the public hair can’t be taken off. You can ask BBDoll to show you a picture to make sure it looks good. It’s not always good. It can also fall out, just like all the hair implanted into your body.

Type of Sex Doll breast and Areola Color

Many people don’t like big breasts, but some people like small ones better. You can choose from sizes B cup to H cup. Find the one that’s right for you. All of the dolls’ names and descriptions include the cup size in full. This is a list of the colours you can choose from for your areolas. It could be a pink areola from a young sexy girl or a brown areola from a mature or sexy woman. You can choose the right one to match your interests.

Sex Doll Hands and Fingers Choice

The standard Hand type is soft and is made the same way as the body. Some people like their hands a little rough. The hard type of hand is more durable than the soft one. At, you can also get an option of fingers flexibility.

Flexibility in the fingers has made them more able to make more moves so that they can do more things now. The skeleton fingers can be made to fit a doll that is 150 cm tall or taller. The 145 cm doll’s hand has to be a lot bigger than the fingers to use the skeleton fingers.

Certainly, you will get any options to custom your sex dolls and make them look like your dream angle. If you want a perfect silicone sex doll, is definitely there to help you out.
custom sex doll hand